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Ace GCSE Maths with Katala

Full coverage of the GCSE Maths syllabus


Expert support from real tutors at your fingertips


A fraction of the cost of private tuition


100% of students on target in year of 2022/23

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Create your account

Create your account in just 30 seconds to instantly unlock full access to all of our resources. Start learning right away with our 7-day free trial, cancel your plan at anytime.

Step 2

Reach your potential

Take control of your GCSE Maths success with our tailored resources. We guide you every step of the way with interactive quizzes, in-depth tutorials and expert tutor support.

Our plans

Ready for more? Starting at £1.99 per week, our subscription plans are flexible and commitment-free.


Subscribe for unlimited learning, cancel anytime.

Katala Essential


All the essential resources needed to learn and revise GCSE Maths.

Katala Expert


Everything in Essential, plus expert support from GCSE Maths tutors.

How we support our students

Full GCSE Maths syllabus

We cover every topic in the GCSE Maths syllabus for all major UK exam boards.

150+ video tutorials

Our video tutorials teach you everything you need to know in bitesize chunks.

Exam-style worksheets

Practise what you learn with our exam-style worksheets and full solutions.

Build exam confidence

Our exclusive Exam Coaching builds your confidence to fulfil your potential on exam day.

Quizzes on demand

Use our quizzes to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, then build your learning plan.

Simple progress tracking

Always know where you're at and how much is left to go with our simple progress trackers.

Don't break the bank

Use Katala instead of a GCSE Maths tutor and you will save thousands of pounds per year.

Tutor support on live chat

Stuck on something? Our dedicated team of experienced tutors is on hand to help.

Learning plans

Build a learning plan to highlight your weaknesses and focus your revision before your exams.

What our users say

An invaluable resource for my son throughout the school year
The website was an invaluable resource for my son throughout the school year. It enabled him to get extra help on areas which he found difficult as well as reinforcing his learning on the whole of syllabus. It was especially helpful in the run to his exams.

I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Rob (Parent) - Hertfordshire


How is Katala tailored to meet students' individual needs?

Katala is suitable for years 9 to 11, at both Higher and Foundation tiers. We adapt to each students' abilities, crafting them a personalised learning plan. Our interactive quizzes pinpoint areas for growth, which we target with specific resources to optimise learning.

As a student, how can I get in touch to ask a question?

You can reach out to us anytime through our 24/7 live chat service. Whether it's a tricky question or clarification on some new topic, our tutors are ready to assist you. Simply hit the "Live Chat" icon and let us know what you're stuck on, whenever you need to.

How does Katala track and report on student progress?

We provide a transparent overview of your learning journey. Access your personalised learning dashboard to review your completed lessons, remaining topics and quiz performance anytime. This ongoing feedback allows us to help tailor your learning plan.

Our mission

In the UK, countless GCSE Maths students seek private tuition, but find it financially out of reach - an estimated 273,000 to be exact. And with prices often £40+ per hour, that's understandable.


Why should high quality education cost thousands of pounds per year? We don't think it should.

Together, with years of experience teaching Maths, we built Katala. Katala is the online learning platform for GCSE Maths students, providing all of the benefits of a private tutor, for a fraction of the price.

We make high quality GCSE Maths resources available to everyone. Every student deserves the opportunity to excel.

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